Customers asked for an adjustable length Bowl Rest. This new design features this new and unique capability. By losening the 2 Lock Screws, which lock the bar into perfect alignment via a flat machined onto the bar, with the Allen Wrench supplied, the bar is free to be adjusted forward or rearward allowing you to keep your turning tool supported deep into a bowl. See the drawing below:

Made from the same 3/4" Super Strong Alloy Steel as the rest of our system. Fits onto any of our standard Tool Posts listed in the tool post section. Choose from our 3", 4-1/2", or 6" Radius Adjustable Bowl Rest System and the Post for your lathe or the complete set and your ready to cut. Add additional Curved Bars without the need for additonal Support Blocks. CLICK ON ANY PICTURE FOR A LARGER IMAGE

ADJUSTABLE LENGTH BOWL REST SYSTEMChoose the Complete System with your choice of the radius of the Curved Bowl Rest Bar. Comes complete with the Support Block, Brass Washer and your choice of curved bars. Choose additional bars below. Choose the Tool Post for your lathe form the Tool Post Section. If purchased individually the total would be $97.90. Save $7.95 with this set.

Click to enlargeADDITIONAL INDIVIDUAL BOWL REST BARSChoose from any of the Curved Bowl Rest T-Bars and add them to your Adjustable Bowl Rest System. Allows you to expand your set of bars for the full range of the system. No need for addtional Support Blocks. All bars interchange with the Support Block.

Click to enlargeADDITIONAL INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT BLOCKSAdd additonal Support Blocks if you have Individual Curved Bowl Rest T-Bars and wish to permanently mount your bars.

Click to enlargeCOMPLETE 3 PIECE BOWL REST SYSTEMBUY THE COMPLETE SET - This set includes all three curved bowl rest bars and the Support Block. Just add the Tool Post for your lathe and your set to turn small, medium, and large bowls. If purchased individually the total would be $193.80. Save $23.85 with this set.


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